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We know the Bay of Plenty & New Zealand lifestyle, weather and environment breed a diverse range of pests that can affect a family home, businesses and communities. We also know that as one of the most experienced Pest Control Tauranga companies in the Bay of Plenty, we can help you with any issues like rodents you might encounter. This includes our regular services in Tauranga like mice, Bed Bugs or ants.
We serve areas from Katikati all the way through from Mount maunganui papamoa and further

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Pest Control Specialists

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We know New Zealand’s lifestyle, weather and environment breed a diverse range of pests that can effect families, businesses and communities. We also know that as one of the most experienced pest control companies in the Bay of Plenty, we can help you with any pest problems you might encounter.


Since moving to the Bay of Plenty I have used Ventura Pest Management to provide pest control services. I have found them to be willing, reliable, efficient, and totally trustworthy. I would sincerely recommend them

Choose A Local Tauranga Pest Control Service

Being a locally family owned in the Bay of Plenty we are committed to ensure you get the best pest control in Tauranga you deserve. We can respond promptly and resolve your issues immediately. We believe supporting locally owned businesses helps every one in our communities. Our Tauranga based technicians are all licensed and approved according to work safe NZ registration.

We pride ourselves on providing you with the latest cutting edge Tauranga pest control equipment to get the best house spray for bugs whether it be fly control or other things. We keep you updated on re entry times and vacancy periods when you have your house sprayed for bugs

Our Pest Control Equipment And Service Areas

We use the latest cutting edge commercial equipment when we visit your home to treat a problem. Making sure that we are using the best quality products and tools in your home to eradicate your bug problems. This ensures that we get the best possible professional result in the best time possible therefore cutting out unnecessary time and expense

Being locally owned and operated allows us to treat your home better. We cover all the main areas and places that Tauranga pest and rodent control covers but we cover mainly from Mount Maunganui Papamoa to Kati Kati and possibly Te Puke as well as we understand the need a rural area has. We will attempt to cover most of the Bay Of Plenty contact us to know more

Here at Ventura Pest Management our pest control services team cover all kind of insects and bugs. Our pest control Tauranga business is usually seasonal depending on the type of issue we are facing. It is common to be having Rodent control during seasonal weather changes. Contact us for a booking

Gisborne Roaches

Ants are also problematic as well like getting into the electrical sections of appliances although are less likely to short them out. They tend to run around the home in search of food and more often than not when you leave some spilled juice or sugar grains on the bench.


Spiders can be an all year round issue due to seasonal conditions and where eggs are blown from seasonal winds into nooks and crannies where they can breed and create webs on fence lines and the outside of houses creating a nuisance


The other pest control problem homes have is Cockroaches. The common breeds are German and Gisborne cockroaches. Both of these can be a problem when it comes to electrical appliances where they can get into your computer. The most common Gisborne roach is found more often in wood and garages. Learn more about cockroach control in our blog.


Wasps and Bees are often seen in the warmer months also and over the last few years have been seen to gather and swarm more often on the end of houses or in trees in gardens.

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Flies are covered mainly in the warmer months from September to April where breeding is higher and organic matter is more prevalent in compost heaps due to more grass clippings being piled up



We’re committed to giving you the quality service you deserve. Our experts live locally, so we can respond promptly and resolve your problems immediately.

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