About Us

Ventura Pest Management is a family orientated  pest control Tauranga company that can eradicate pests from your home or business professionally and safely at a time that suits you. Our  Tauranga pest control services include Mount Maunganui and the wider Bay of Plenty areas.  Safety is our first priority, and we provide top quality communication and guidelines for your well-being.

Our Kiwi lifestyle is all about opening doors and windows but this is opening your home to little pests and critters, as they come looking for food, water and warmth.  They can be seen or unseen, as they make themselves at home in walls, attics, under floors and decks.

When you use Ventura Pest Management you can be confident, you’re receiving professional qualified pest control service and advice.  We will discuss your situation with you prior to advising of the best treatment suitable for your home, and will provide detailed preparation instructions to ensure the
safety of your family.

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Ventura Pest Management

We use approved products that are safe, effective and leave no stains, and
we will stand by all work carried out by our technicians.
Whilst we treat a vast array of pests, the majority of our clients book an annual general spray, to protect against cockroaches, spiders and flies.

A general spray:
– is applied to the interior and exterior of the home
– is a seasonal control for flies, spiders, cockroaches, and many other crawling insects
– leaves no smells or stains and is very safe around children and pets
– is an annual treatment in the majority of homes

It’s important to note that interior spraying for flies is an effective way to gain control of these nuisance insects, but if there is a factor in the environment causing the flies to be at your place, then other forms of control may be necessary to achieve a satisfactory result. You may in fact
need an extra interior spray.