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How To Prepare Your Home For Pest Treatments

Please follow our pest guide on how to prepare your home for your pest control treatment.
To safeguard your family all guidelines must be followed to allow us to eradicate your pests safely.

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Before Pest Control Treatment


Open all curtains and close windows.

Put pets outside and secure all cat and dog doors.

For exterior sprays please ensure your dog is either off the property or secured approximately 10m away from your home.

All eating and food preparation surfaces should be covered

Cover fish bowls and tanks with a waterproof cover and turn off/unplug the filter.

Cover or put all children’s toys away.

Cover baby’s crib or cot.

Cover or put all exposed food away.

Put all bathroom items away i.e. toothbrushes, toilet paper and close the toilet seat.

Please ensure your bed and pillows are covered with a sheet that will need to be washed afterwards. If you do not have enough cover-sheets for your personal items such as your bed/pillows I will cover them for you.

Clear floor space & generally de-clutter. (we treat baseboards, corners, door and window frames)

After Pest Control Treatment


Stay out of the house for 3 hours or if sensitive to odours and chemicals 4 hours.

All eating and food preparation surfaces should be wiped with a wet soapy cloth after treatment.

On return open windows and doors to ventilate thoroughly.

For best results the product needs to be where pests will be so there maybe over spray on your windows. This can be wiped off your window with a damp cloth, only use water as other chemicals can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Before Flea Treatments


Remove all items from the floor of the rooms to be treated to allow access to as much floor area as possible.

Move all furniture from the edges of the room to allow access to the floor wall junctions.

Thoroughly vacuum all carpets and rugs and clean all carpet-free floor areas. Pay particular attention to areas where pets may sleep or where the sun may heat an area of floor. Empty the vacuum cleaner directly into the dustbin outside and change the bag after cleaning.

Make sure any pet bedding is washed and the beds are thoroughly cleaned.

If you have a pet make sure it is being treated with an approved formulation, preferably via a vet.

People and domestic pets must leave the rooms being treated and not be allowed to return until the chemical is dry.

After Flea Treatment


Stay out of the house for 5 – 6 hours depending on drying time.

On return open windows and doors to ventilate thoroughly.