How Do I Know If I Have Rats

Rats spread disease, contaminate food and damage property so how do i know if i have rats. If they gain entry into your business or home, they could introduce parasites like fleas, lice and ticks. Swift action at the first signs of rodents can help to reduce the time needed to control an infestation effectively. Rats breed quickly and a small problem potentially can develop into a serious issue if left untreated so call us at Ventura Pest Management for our rodent control Tauranga service.

How to identify signs of rats

Rat Droppings – rats produce up to 40 droppings per night and they resemble a large grain of rice.


Scratching Noises – Have you heard scratching in your roof? Black rats are sprightly climbers and can easily get into ceilings, loft spaces and upper floors of buildings.Brown rats on the other hand, are less skillful climbers. You may hear them running under your deck, in sheds and across floorboards. They can be identified by a grinding noise with their teeth.


Footprints or Running Tracks – Rats leave tail and foot marks in dusty, less-used areas of your home and buildings. To see if an infestation is currently active, sprinkle some flour or talc powder along a stretch of floor near the footprints and look the next day for fresh tracks.


Rub Marks – Rats run along skirting boards and walls due to their poor eyesight. The grease and dirt on their bodies leave smudge marks on both objects and surfaces they brush against. Marks like this could indicate rodent activity, but as smudges can stay for a long time, they aren’t a good gauge of current infestation.


Damage – Rats have teeth that grow nonstop. To keep them trim, they have to gnaw on wood and plastic.That potentially can cause fires when chewing through electrical cables. You could also notice food packaging that is ripped as rats tear open food which leaves visible teeth marks.


Nests – Rats use shredded material like newspaper and fabrics to build nests in warm, hidden places.The nest will usually be close to a food course and will often hold young rats.


Burrows – Brown rats are known for digging an extensive burrow system for nesting and food storage. Look in or around your compost heaps,under your deck, garage or garden sheds.

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